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Luca Carminatis E-Mail Adresse s IP angucken

erstellt am 27. August 2021 um 17:36 Uhr MEZ   Eintrag löschen  Kommentar hinzufügen  Eintrag bearbeiten
Regarding C64Studio, it would be great if you could drag the currently selected text elsewhere, as many other text editors do (if I try to do this now, the prohibition symbol pops up and nothing happens). Also, in the same way, you could create a copy of the selected text by dragging it elsewhere while holding down the Ctrl key.

Kommentar von Endurion:
Ah, good catch! That was actually working before I overrode it with File drag&drop. It is fixed with commit f7711afe.


Luca Carminatis E-Mail Adresse s IP angucken

erstellt am 22. August 2021 um 8:34 Uhr MEZ   Eintrag löschen  Kommentar hinzufügen  Eintrag bearbeiten
Hi Georg,
the "Find/Replace" command has a couple of problems:
1) Often, after clicking on "Find Next", it is not the occurrence following the cursor position at that moment that is highlighted but a subsequent one.
2) When I click on "Replace", it is not the highlighted recurrence that is replaced but the next one.

Kommentar von Endurion:

Thanks for the feedback. I guess that's kind of per design. Find/Next remembers the last jumped to position, and uses that as jump off point.

I could add a check, that notices, that the cursor moved, and then use that as jump off point.

Thanks for the info! fröhlich

Renaldo Lo Mutos E-Mail Adresse s IP angucken

erstellt am 20. August 2021 um 11:44 Uhr MEZ   Eintrag löschen  Kommentar hinzufügen  Eintrag bearbeiten

It seems i run into a problem , i've installed the latest version 6.9 on a remote pc. I am using a mac to conect to my remote pc with shadow.tech.
When i start the program on my remote pc i got the following error message.

System.ArgumentException: Culture ID 8192 (0x2000) is not a supported culture.
Parameter name: culture
at System.Globalization.CultureTableRecord.GetCultureTableRecord(Int32 cultureId, Boolean useUserOverride)
at System.Globalization.CultureInfo..ctor(Int32 culture, Boolean useUserOverride)
at System.Windows.Forms.InputLanguage.get_Culture()
at C64Studio.MainForm..ctor(String[] args)
at C64Studio.Program.Main(String[] args)

I tried several times, i tried to run it in administrator mode but i keep getting this error. Any suggestions?

Kommentar von Endurion:
Ouch! From searching it looks like an actual bug in .NET framework 3.5 on Windows 10.

Could you try and place the file from https://www.georg-rottensteiner.de/webmisc/C64Studio.exe.config in the C64Studio folder?

It should then default to the newer .NET 4.0 framework, which shouldn't have that issue.

Please let me know if that solves the issue (so I can add the file to the release archive).

If it doesn't please tell me what language setting you're using (you can contact me by email)

Edit: In case anybody runs into the same issue: The file was copied in C64Studios folder. Starting it ran into a different error. Deleted the new file, and after that it ran fine.

s IP angucken

erstellt am 26. Juli 2021 um 6:34 Uhr MEZ   Eintrag löschen  Kommentar hinzufügen  Eintrag bearbeiten
Hi Georg,

I looked through your ScrollWorkshop. Nice!.

In 2013? you did a tutorial on SUPERNATURAL,
Is it too possible for you to make a TUTORIAL on a Fast Horizontal Shoot'em up, like X-OUT?. Double buffering screens. Maybe 2 or three levels for example.

Kind regards


Kommentar von Endurion:
Whoa, now that's quite a big ask fröhlich

For that I'd have to create an actual game. Could be interesting though.

s IP angucken

erstellt am 24. Juli 2021 um 15:25 Uhr MEZ   Eintrag löschen  Kommentar hinzufügen  Eintrag bearbeiten
Hi George ,

Please could you example of double buffering , ie screen flipping and scrolling at the same time. . Ie like X-Out.....



Kommentar von Endurion:
Hi Syed,
I actually have something like this, download from https://www.georg-rottensteiner.de/webmisc/ScrollWorkshop.zip

It's a solution with several projects of scrolling in various stages. There's samples with double buffer and color RAM scrolling, horizontal or vertical.

Nothing ground breaking, and no sprites, but maybe a start.

Have fun!

TheHighlanders E-Mail Adresse s IP angucken

erstellt am 20. Juni 2021 um 22:47 Uhr MEZ   Eintrag löschen  Kommentar hinzufügen  Eintrag bearbeiten
I can't get debugging to work correctly with C64Studio and the latest Vice3.5 version (downloaded 20-june-2021).

When I use the settings as suggested in the C64Studio help file, execution is interrupted, but on the wrong address. This is regardless of how I set the break point.

These are the settings I use:
-initbreak 0x$(DebugStartAddressHex) -binarymonitor -binarymonitoraddress

I've tried several things but nothing appears to work.

The assembler output window says this:

Calling Cbääärogram Files (x86)GTK3VICE-3.5-win64binx64sc.exe with -truedrive +virtualdev -initbreak 0xa871 -binarymonitor -binarymonitoraddress -moncommands "C:UsersGebruikerAppDataLocalTemptmpBEA6.tmp" "C:devprojectsC64SpriteMultiplexerjmain.prg"
Connection attempt 1 succeeded
Breakpoint at address $A871 has ID 1, enabled True, temporary False
-is an unknown breakpoint
Breakpoint at address $812 has ID 1, enabled True, temporary False

Namely the "-is an unknown breakpoint" seems to indicate a problem.

Do you have any idea what could be wrong?

Kommentar von Endurion:
Hmm, I see that the message "is unknown breakpoint" appears, but that's not the issue. That's me not properly mapping VICE breakpoint IDs to local breakpoint IDs.

I couldn't repeat the problems you have though. It breaks where it's expected to. What makes you think breaks at the wrong address? If it's the $A871, that's my internal setup breakpoint, that's correct. Is $812 the breakpoint you want to hit?

Maybe you can mail me a small snippet that exhibits the issue and/or a video. Anything that helps me recognize the problem is good.

Edit: I just fixed the wrong "is an unknown breakpoint" message, and now I run in the same issue. I remember, it's a bug with VICE 3.5, it's unfortunately still open (https://sourceforge.net/p/vice-emu/bugs/1427/).
So for now, when you want to use the binary interface you need to stay at VICE 3.4 for now.

s IP angucken

erstellt am 27. März 2021 um 3:40 Uhr MEZ   Eintrag löschen  Kommentar hinzufügen  Eintrag bearbeiten

:-( Exact same error this time I tried Wine build 4.1 (most recent dev build is 6.4 or so) I have corefonts and dotnet35sp1 package only in that PoL box. I wouldnt be surprised that mono is lurking somewhere here though I think I remember I got similar messages until I got C64PrgStudio working a while ago. I have a PoL log I could send you too ! Mail me on the mail address in the first post if you have time !

I get this "fixme" error (supposedly not critical (?) wine error)
0009:fixme:font:get_nearest_charset returning DEFAULT_CHARSET face->fs.fsCsb[0] = 20000000 file = L"/usr/share/fonts/truetype/fonts-gujr-extra/aakar-medium.ttf"
Could it be Im missing that font inside of the wine box ?

Kommentar von Endurion:
In case anyone wonders, we found the issue, C64Studio now runs fine under Wine on Linux. Have at it! fröhlich

s IP angucken

erstellt am 25. März 2021 um 17:08 Uhr MEZ   Eintrag löschen  Kommentar hinzufügen  Eintrag bearbeiten
Hello !
I tried again with all rules of the art, installing dotnet35sp1 - this time in the PlayOnLinux system. This time the below error messsages right after splashscreen shows.


I wouldn't be surprised if there was a font error, or MONO error - but I have removed Mono I think (the open .net implementation that is not the best - have to do that on A. Jordisons package too.)

Well I hop you can see the link - if not mail me - on the first post I have my email.

Now FOOD !
Greets !

Kommentar von Endurion:
Awesome, that helps. With that message I could find the cause and work around it. Weirdly that error doesn't appear for me, so I had to resolve to working around.

I've uploaded a wip version to https://www.georg-rottensteiner.de/webmisc/C64StudioRelease.zip

Could you try and see if it works better that way? Unfortunately I can't test, but I'm eager to get it running.

We can also take this to email if you prefer.

Best regards,

s IP angucken

erstellt am 25. März 2021 um 4:36 Uhr MEZ   Eintrag löschen  Kommentar hinzufügen  Eintrag bearbeiten
Hello again !
I tried the commands below but to no avail !
The splash screen shows up and then I get an error message. I got further than last time I tried though!

Do you know what version / build of Wine that worked ? Or what Windows are best ? I see the software needs .NET 3.5 sp1 but could it be that I need some more packages ?
(Some other MS VC++ runtimes ? GDI+ ? Fonts ?)

I could possibly try the sequence of commands again inside the PlayOnLinux system that can run different versions of Wine on the same computer ! Sometimes different versions are better for something and another version are better for other software. (PlayOnLinux is like a virtualbox for Wine I think ! ) Anyway cheers and keep hackin' !!
Greets Dag !

Kommentar von Endurion:

Sorry, I just received that list of commands in a forum thread without further details.
Regarding the packages, I'm already using just vanilla .NET 3.5. There shouldn't be much more that's required.
Can you show me which exception you receive? Maybe it's something I can take a peek at. The C64 true type font loading usually is one of the main issues on startup.

Dag Jacobs. Norways E-Mail Adresse s IP angucken

erstellt am 21. März 2021 um 1:20 Uhr MEZ   Eintrag löschen  Kommentar hinzufügen  Eintrag bearbeiten
Hello !
I would be very happy if I could manage to run your C64 Studio on Linux under Wine.
The C64 prgstudio from A. Jordison runs somewhat ok. But would be nice to see your software running also ! I tried once and got a error message that it said I should forward to you.
Wine on Linux is getting better and better so it might happen it could run some day !

Greets Dag E. !

Kommentar von Endurion:

I had some info that this worked:
o Linux:
WINEPREFIX=~/.winedir WINEARCH=win32 wineboot
WINEPREFIX=~/.winedir winetricks dotnet35sp1 -q
cd ~/.winedir/drive_c/Program Files/C64StudioRelease
WINEPREFIX=~/.winedir wine C64Studio.exe

Is there any specific exception you're running into?

Wouter Bovelanders E-Mail Adresse s IP angucken

erstellt am 31. Januar 2021 um 15:33 Uhr MEZ   Eintrag löschen  Kommentar hinzufügen  Eintrag bearbeiten
Hi Georg,

I have a feature request for C64Studio. I would like to be able to right click on a label and have a list of references to this label. So that I can then double click on a reference and jump to it. It would be neat if that list of references stayed open until I closed it, so that I can quickly inspect all references.

Right now I can click on a label and jump to its declaration. But I'd like to be able to go in the other direction. Find all usages of a label. Right now I can copy and do a Find for it, but I'm lazy.

Hope you think that would be useful.

Kommentar von Endurion:
That sounds quite useful actually, I'll see what I can come up with.
Thanks for the idea!

George Kirkhams E-Mail Adresse s IP angucken

erstellt am 20. Januar 2021 um 4:42 Uhr MEZ   Eintrag löschen  Kommentar hinzufügen  Eintrag bearbeiten
Hi Georg

Apologies, I can't work out how reply to your message below so I thought I'd just repost.

It's great to hear this is something you may look at doing at some point in the future. fröhlich

Yes the CPU is a standard WDC 65C02. A good article listing the additional instructions is:


Also my channel URL was incorrect previously - the correct one showing some of my Commander X16 work:


Let me know if I can be of any assistance or you need anything from me. fröhlich

Best regards,


Kommentar von Endurion:

Thanks for the donation!
I'm currently working out the issues with the new addressing modes. May take a day or two to have it up and running.

We can continue the messages via email. Might be easier fröhlich

If you have some sample code using the new opcodes/addressing modes and the assembled binary for comparison, that might be useful.

We'll be in contact!

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