HitBlock DOS
My first HitBlock version, still for DOS.

Destroy all same colored blocks with the ball. You can only move the ball to the left and right.
A Deflektor remake:

Turn the mirrors so that the laser can destroy all balloons. Be careful, never guide the laser back into the generator!

An editor is included.
Short Cut
(Heavily) inspired by Paradroid:

All robots in a space ship went haywire. Destroy them all. You can transfer to a higher robot to get his abilities.
A Mah Jongg clone.
A Columns clone.

You control the falling blocks with the cursor keys. Rotate colors with the numpad 5 key.
A Atomix clone i made together with my cousin.

Contains 30 levels, from easy to hard.
Todd's Adventures
I also tried to make a Super Mario Bros clone. This is the result:
5 world each with 4 stages want to be mastered! Avoid several traps and defeat the dragon king! Lots of hidden extras as well as treasure chambers await you.
Inspired by the game Rock'n'Roll. A ball has to be moved to the exit in every level. The exit usually lies behind locked doors, abysses, tracks and trampolines. Sometimes you even have to repair parts of the level.
BallGame has only 5 levels, i abandoned the project.
A small game for two players:
In a play grid full of molecules you have to place your molecule. By exploding them change the color of the neighboring molecules. This can start quite some chain reactions (hence the name), which can complete turn the tables in one move.
Stone Age
A Flaschbier remake. Also a BoulderDash clone.
Collect enough diamonds and escape through the exit. But be careful! Falling rocks and bombs, as well as enemies can help you, but also kill you.
Even Pacman wasn't able to escape me. This pacman version doesn't have too intelligent enemies, but for retaliation it comes with an editor!
Push 'em
A simple Puzznic clone. Playable, but not that pretty. Comes with an editor though, which is incredible fumbly.
A clone of an Adventure of Lolo clone. Comes with 14 simple to hard levels and even an editor.
Yes, i used the name Explorer before Microsoft did!

A space shooter. Starts in a virtual training computer. Comes with 13 missions.
GI Ant
An experimental Lemmings clone. GI Ant walks left and right and can perform several actions on mouseclick. Digging, building bridges or jump. Comes with incredible 5 levels.
A very short Jump'n'Run. Has one minigame and half a level. :)
A PC-Version of the Gameboy classic Daedalian Opus (or PuzzleRoad). Fill the black area with provided tetris-like parts. These can be turned and mirrored. Comes with 36 tricky levels and an editor!

How could i forget to make a Tetris clone!
Another Puzznic clone, this time text-based. Nevertheless fun to play!
A version of the usual one-tile-or-jump-over-one-tile-game. Comes with a lof of levels and even level codes!
Useba ought to become a Zelda like game, but didn't go very far. There half a quest inside: Talk to the king and then visit the cave in the southwest.